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How To Get The Quality Instagram Followers

  • 13 January, 2020
  • By Digisquard

For effective marketing, it’s very important to reach your target customers and have a quality audience. Let’s see the essential steps of how to engage your Instagram audience and convert them into leads and customers.  


Attract the Right Audience on Instagram


It is important to have high-quality followers instead of fake random followers. Having a random audience can skew your data which can result in lower link clicks and conversion rates. Brands who are popular get real Instagram followers through the use of methods such as influencer marketing,  strategic use of Instagram using hashtags, cross-promotions ( promoting Instagram account via other channels like email, YouTube or website).


Brand awareness refers to how easily people will recognize your brand. To visualize this, just about everyone recognizes Twitter’s little bluebird.


You can establish brand awareness by optimizing your Instagram business profile to help people understand about your brand and what you do. Always be descriptive about your brand. Add a company name, a brief description, and your website. Also, use the company logo as a profile picture. Grow your brand awareness by doing this:


- Craft your social media post

- Post photos and captions representing your brand

- Include testimonials and on-brand graphics


Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that offers exposure and brings more Instagram followers your way. Once your account has grown, it’s time to move to the middle of the funnel: keeping those followers around.


Interact With Your Instagram Followers


Social media engagement has a lot of benefits, some of them are providing social proof to boost brand awareness and expand your reach. In the context of your Instagram sales funnel, engagement is the only way to measure whether your audience is tuned into what you have to say. Likes, comments, and shares on your posts are the precursor to what is next, hopefully making sales.


First, you need to create a story for your brand that entices people. Be authentic and tell the true back-story of how your company got started. And don’t be afraid to add an emotional hook and put a spin on things. Your brand story should also encompass your business goals. A brand story can explain the vision behind your business and the goals you have in place.


Convert Your Instagram Followers With a Lead Magnet


The biggest step in your sales funnel is creating an enticing lead magnet. It should be gated content. In it, the user has to fill out the form, or enter their email address to receive the content. Gated content is the best way to generate leads because it provides us with valuable information about someone, as you encourage them to download your content.


When you create your lead, the first thing is to decide which type of content you want to offer to the audience. The content in the form of white papers, case studies, eBooks, PDFs, Videos, Short Email courses, discounts, free trials, assessments or tests.


White papers and case studies are popular lead magnets for B2B companies. If your target audience is made up of consumers, you might choose an eBook or video. The content in the lead magnet should be valuable to your followers.


When your Instagram followers click on your lead magnet, they should be directed to a landing page that’s specifically for Instagram. You can send people to this landing page through a link in your bio or by using the swipe-up feature in Instagram Stories. Business accounts that have more than 10,000 followers are eligible to use the swipe-up feature, and it’s an easy way to get people directly where you want them to go. This feature also makes it easy to track how many people are visiting that landing page.




The process of capturing and converting leads on Instagram might seem perplexed, but in reality, it can be fairly simple as long as you follow the right steps in the right order. Get more Instagram followers, make sure they’re engaged with your account, and then offer a lead magnet to start moving them through the funnel.


Instagram is a profit-making platform for businesses and applying your sales funnel to this social media platform can help you get more leads and more conversions.