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Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing That You Need To Know

  • 28 January, 2020
  • By Digisquard

Affiliate marketing is really getting big nowadays and is now a worldwide phenomenon. There are lots of different types of affiliate marketing programs, now let's see them one by one.


1. Webmasters


The webmasters are people who build sites and people who own websites. There are many options for webmasters who are signed up for CJ or Shareasale. All you have to do is contact their website by filling up the contact form and tell them you are interested in partner with them.


2. Search Affiliates


There is a whole group of affiliates who spend their money and try to leverage the search engine, Facebook advertising and various other paid advertising model to generate ROI for themselves with affiliate offers. These search affiliates are usually business-minded, smart people who like testing different things. People with knowledge of SEO and media buying affiliates can really drive good traffic and revenue for the clients. So always make a friend who is a Seo niche.


3. Bloggers


Bloggers are good for posting content about your company, review your new products. All you can do is send them a sample, where you say them, hey review our product on your site, here is the sample. Whatever content the blogger write tends to rank organically in search engine. Blogging is a great earning as an affiliate. The mommy bloggers are very good affiliates and there are plenty of mommy bloggers who are not in affiliate marketing but they are compensated on that they produce via their blogs.


4. Review Sites


The most popular affiliate marketing is reviewing sites. Affiliates will build a site that reviews five or six different advertisers in a particular niche, hosting is big with review sites, also dating, phone companies, flowers, basically anything where you can take four or five different advertisers and put them on one side and then drive paid search or organic search through those pages that feature different reviews, usually in a chart format. The affiliate would then earn a commission whenever he refers business to anyone of those advertisers. So that’s a very big and well-converting demographic of affiliates traffic.


5. Loyal Portals


Loyalty portals are the companies that have a large membership and are able to expose advertiser offers to the membership base and can also be the cash components. One can place the order based on a performance basis so that they have to hunt down. Mall network is a good example of a loyal affiliate publisher.


6. Email Marketing


Email marketing is all about getting into the inbox. All you need is four to five email vendors who can help you blast your offer on a performance basis and just make sure that the mail you are typing is not a SPAM compliant. Email marketing should be an additional revenue source for you.


7. Partnership and Business Development


The powerful weapon to develop a business and offer a partnership is to reaching pro-actively.  You have to draft a line saying,” hi, I found your website, we would love to partner with you on a revenue share basis”. You have to reach out to a lot of possible partnerships in order to get handfuls, but once you have a really good partnership on revenue share or CPA basis, it tends to be a good producer and it lasts longer. As a business development person, you should make a follow up a lot. You will have to go out definitely and get the revenue share deals for your company.


8. Big Web Properties


You have several large websites in the affiliate networks, one that comes to mind the Meredith Corp, they publish 10 huge magazines and huge online web properties. Big web properties are definitely more receptive to CPA deals and rev share deals than they ever have been and the more inventory they have, the more they need to fill that inventory with something that converts for them to make the money, hence affiliate offers.


9. Traditional Media


You can use the traditional medium like TV, print, and radio on a CPA basis on a revenue share. You need to propose these deals to different media outlets and individual stations. You can run some of your remnant inventory with our ads, and we’ll pay you on a performance basis, we’ll set up a dedicated 800 number, we’ll set up a coupon code, a dedicated URL. You can run traditional media on a performance basis. So look for those type deals as well and there are few companies that specialize in that.


These are some of the various different types of affiliate marketers you can work with on a performance-basis! Now that you have got the essential knowledge about the types of affiliate marketing programs, it’s time to become a niche.