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  • 15 February, 2020
  • By Digisquard

Are you at the age where you have to choose your career path? If you are powerful enough to translate your thoughts into words, content writing is the best option for you. There are lots of content marketing services in which you can work and become a professional. If you are serious about creating a career in this highly demanding field, then you should know the types of content writing for getting a clear career vision. Let’s see them one by one.


1. SEO Content Writing


Content marketing is considered to be an important part of Search Engine Optimization. International companies outsource SEO to different countries. Therefore, there is a boom in the market about content marketing. Relevant keywords have to be included in all these contents by the writer. The topics of Seo Content writing differs based on industry.


2. Technical Writing


Technical writing involves writing based on technology or other technical specifications. Technical content is needed in computer hardware and software, customer electronics, robotics, biotechnology, engineering, chemistry, and aeronautics. One who has specialized in the technological field is given the preference. If you are enthusiastic about technology then, content writing can be interesting for you.


3. Marketing Writing


Writing for marketing is considered the most challenging type of content writing. It mainly includes writing blogs, articles, social media content, newsletter, e-book, internal and external communication, email content, audio-video content, etc. The blogs and articles written for marketing are different from SEO content writing. The aim in this type of marketing is not only to draw customer but also compel the audience to perform a specific action. This marketing requires a lot of research among the customers.  If you want to be a content writer in marketing then you must have a skill of seeing detail in writing and designing and should have a talent for using creativity.


4. Instructional Design


This involves the techniques of publication and technical writing. As we know, e-learning is a big phenomenon and so the demand for instructional design is increasing faster. It is the responsibility of an instructional designer to improve the quality of instructions.  To be professional in this field, you need to create storyboards along with writing instructional materials.


Instructional Designers should possess three important skills; excellent writing, the skill of creating characters and patience to develop the bulk of the content.


5. Feature Writing


Featured writing is considered to be the most creative content writing and it involves writing columns in print, digital space, food and travel, short poems and stories and so on. You need to use simple language and a lucid style to write different topics in order to relate them with your customers. The words you use in the write up should be able to cast a spell over the readers. The blog must have a catchy title and equally attractive subheadings. To write blogs, you must have deep knowledge of a variety of subjects.


6. Business Writing


Business writing has many similarities between marketing and communication writing. If you choose to do business writing, you must know how to write sales proposals, memos, official emails, manual writing, concept papers, summaries, request for proposals, etc.

This type of content writing offers a huge scope of growth to writers. Thus, this can be an advantageous option for you. If you do business writing for a significant period of time, you can acquire knowledge in business analysis and development.


7. Ghost Writing


In ghostwriting, the content is developed by one person but someone else uses it under his or her name. As a ghostwriter, you can work under the big job role person such as Chief Executive officer, CTO or some other official of the company. Thus, to be a successful ghostwriter, you must be well-informed on the topic of your content and innovative in style at the same time.


8. Copy Writing


Copywriting is considered to be the most interesting type of content writing. It is considered to be very demanding and competitive. As a copywriter, you will also have to write slogans, catchy lines that we read on banner, billboards, flyers and newspaper advertisements




Though content writing can be of various types, one thing that is required in all of them is creativity. You will have to come up with unique ideas and will have to convert them into reality. So, here our discussion ends. Depending on your ability, you will have to select your type of writing and excel in your career. At Digisquard, We give you in-depth knowledge of Content marketing and its type to boost your career. To know more visit our website,