Content Marketing

Content Marketing

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    Shailesh Bhadra
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    Digital Marketing
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Course Summary

Content Marketing focuses on building authority, increasing the message, acquiring and keeping the intended audience. The excellent content writing assists strengthen the position of a subject guide. The various aspects of Content Marketing by developing a deep understanding of consumer psychology, demographics, tactics to engage users, and measuring content effectiveness. Content Marketing has become a key to creating a network, public relations, customer engagement and driving conversions for the brand / product. It has become one of the most successful assets a business can leverage.
   15+ hours - Lecture - Practical Hours - Live Projects

  •   Basic English and Vocabulary Skill
  •   Creative Writing and Content Creation
  •   Develop more data and smart databases
Learn Content Marketing

Content Marketing Overview and Strategy - Content Marketing Channels - Writing Messages and Creating Content - Getting Your Message Into the Media - Content Strategy & Challenges - Blog Marketing - Social Media Marketing Channels - Image Marketing - Video Marketing - Article and Press Release Marketing - Email Marketing - Event Marketing - B2B Marketing

Shailesh Bhadra
Digital Marketer

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Course Features

  • Duration : 40+ Hours
  • Lectures : 20+
  • Practical Hours : 20+
  • Live Projects : 3+