Master Digital Marketing

Master Digital Marketing

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    Shailesh Bhadra
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    Digital Marketing
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Course Summary

Digital marketing is the strategy and processes that connect advertisers with their audiences across digital channels.Basically,it refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines,social media,emails and mobile apps.
   130+ hours - Lecture - Practical Hours - Live Projects

  •   Web Hosting and Designing
  •   Knowledge of tools such as wordpress,Drupal,etc
  •   Basic Understanding of Social Media Platforms.
  •   Essential knowledge to surf useful information.
Learn Master Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing ? -What are the basics of Digital Marketing ? -What are the modules in Digital Marketing?

Introduction - Understanding SERP’s - Search Engine Crawlers - Search Engine Optimization - Link Building Methods.

Introduction - Web Analytics - Google Analytics - Goals and Conversions

Introduction - Facebook Channel - Twitter Channel - Instagram Channel - Youtube Channel

Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing - How to become an Affiliate Advertiser? - How to become an Affiliate Publisher? - Analytics

Introduction to Content Marketing

Shailesh Bhadra
Digital Marketer

Shailesh Bhadra

Course Features

  • Duration : 130+ Hours
  • Lectures : 50+
  • Practical Hours : 20+
  • Live Projects : 3+