Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

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    Shailesh Bhadra
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    Digital Marketing
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Course Summary

Pay Per click (PPC) is one of the main strategies used in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is used by marketers who want to advertise their products/services online. Google Google Ads & Bing Ads reaches more than 90% of the internet users who search for information in Google and Bing.
   20+ hours - Lecture - Practical Hours - Live Projects

  •   Basic Understanding of Search Engine
  •   Developing Paid Ads and Creating Conversions
Learn Pay Per Click

Introduction - PPC Concepts - Type Of Ads - ROI - Conversion Rate - Measurement

Introduction to online advertising and Google Ads - Google Ads account and campaign basics - Google Ads Targeting and Placement - Google Ads Bidding and Budgeting - PPC Basic - Google Ads Tools - Opportunities - Optimizing Performance - Ads Type - Bidding Strategies - Search Network - Display network - Shopping Ads - Video Ads - Universal App Ads - Tracking Script - Remarketing - Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking - Reports

Introduction to Campaigns and Ad Groups - Importing Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords - Bidding and Traffic Estimation - Import From Google Adwords - Ads creation - Choosing right Keywords - Bing Ads Reports - Conversion Tracking with Campaign Analytics - Bing Ads Editor Account Management Tips - Bing Ads Editor Campaign Optimization

Shailesh Bhadra
Digital Marketer

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Course Features

  • Duration : 40+ Hours
  • Lectures : 20+
  • Practical Hours : 20+
  • Live Projects : 3+