Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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    Shailesh Bhadra
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    Digital Marketing
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Course Summary

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a process of creating awareness, consideration, and conversion through social media sites. Social media marketing training focuses on efforts to build content. So, it inspires users to share it across their social channels. This SMM training helps to increase your online audience and to build your social brand.
   30+ hours - Lecture - Practical Hours - Live Projects

  •   Basic Understanding of Social Media Platforms
  •   Social Media Business Accounts
  •   Marketing Strategies - Running Paid Campaigns - Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms
Learn Social Media Marketing

Course overview - Social Media Fundamental - How Social Media Works for Business - Overview Top Social Media Platform - Social Media Optimization - What is Social Media Optimization? - Why Social Media Need Small Business - Audience, Engagement, Reach - News Feed, Timeline, Post - Social Media Newsfeed Algorithm

Facebook Optimization - Overview - Facebook Profile Vs Business Page - How to Create Facebook - Business Page - Understand Facebook Business Categories - How to Set Target Audience - Create Effective Page Timeline - Set You Call to Action Button - How to effectively fill your business information - How to Set Business Privacy Policy - How Restrict Unwanted Audience - How Stop Spam Comments - How to Set Country and Age Restriction - Know About Visitor Post - Tag – Page and Profile Tag - How to Merge and Delete Page - Widget - Event Page - Offer Post - How to Create and Participate Facebook groups - How to Create Followers - How to Effectively Update Your in Page Timeline - Timing for Update Status of Business - Publishing Tools -Report - Insight - How to Reach Goal
Facebook Marketing - Facebook Ads - Facebook Marketing Object - How to Find Audience - How to Create Campaign - Cost Per Click Concept - Remarketing - Conversion Tracking - Facebook Editor - Track Paid User -Reporting

Twitter Optimization
Overview of Twitter - Target Audience of Twitter - Twitter Profile Vs Twitter Page- Create Effective Page Timeline- How to Set Business Privacy Policy - How to Find Audience- Followers- Following-List- Twitter App- Mute and Black Audience -Tweet - Trending - Tag-How to Effectively Add Tweet-Twitter Card-Tweetdeck-Twitter Analytics-

Twitter Marketing -Overview Twitter Ads - Account Setting of Twitter Ads - Type of Ads - Create Campaign - Tailored Audience- Custom Audience - Remarketing Audience - Followers Ads - Engagement Ads - Website Clicks and Conversion Ads - App Install and Engagement Ads - Leads Ads - Video Ads -Reporting

Instagram Optimization
Overview - How to Create Instagram for Business - Update Your Business Information - Audience - How Post Your Update - News Feed - Facebook Vs Instagram - Tags - How to Add Post from Desktop - Insight - Instagram Ads -

YouTube Optimization and Marketing
How to Create Business Channe - How to Effectively Set Timeline - Youtube Editor - How to Upload Videos - Website Cards - Annotation - How to Increase Video Views - YouTube monetization - Type of Ads - Who can I target? - How do I measure the results -

Shailesh Bhadra
Digital Marketer

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Course Features

  • Duration : 40+ Hours
  • Lectures : 20+
  • Practical Hours : 20+
  • Live Projects : 3+